A packaging project management software tailor-made for artwork

FLOW is a cloud-based solution that streamlines the design-to-delivery processes from the initial briefing to the final version of digital print-ready files. With FLOW, you collaborate with multiple stakeholders. Organize and track graphical assets. And streamline complex graphical workflows in just a few clicks.

A cloud-based platform designed for graphical content

Centralize project information into a single source of truth. Eliminate the need to search through inboxes, files, and multiple shared spaces to find relevant information or to complete tasks.


Streamline processes

FLOW offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface to streamline complex projects & numerous workflows simultaneously


Collaborate seamlessly

FLOW offers preconfigured roles & responsibilities with a solid task management module to collaborate seamlessly.

Store files

FLOW stores files in a light centralized digital asset management library, so data can be tracked & re-used.

Integrate & Automate

FLOW can integrate with other solutions to build the right ecosystem and boost business results.


Manage projects

FLOW is designed to manage numerous projects simultaneously involving different stakeholders.

Validate artworks

FLOW offers an online proofing engine to provide detailed parallel feedback on files within a collaborative cloud platform.

Track & Report

FLOW offers full visibility of all running projects. All KPIs are available via pre-configured and personalized dashboards.

Fit to your process

As an Enterprise solution, FLOW provides a tailor-made platform adapted and connected to the core of your business

Why is FLOW tailor-made for managing graphical projects

FLOW is an enterprise solution designed by project managers for project managers.

It facilitates, structures & organises data within the entire design-to-print-process in one single source of truth. FLOW enables users to swiftly track, monitor and approve ‘last-minute’ changes made to graphical files by every stakeholder.

With FLOW, it has never been easier to digitise your packaging development and collaboration process. Improve efficiency by streamlining the communication between all departments, customers, and suppliers simultaneously.

As an Enterprise solution, FLOW provides a tailor-made platform adapted and connected to the core of your business. This allows FLOW to be easily implemented and deployed across multiple sites. 

How is FLOW specifically designed for graphical content?

FLOW utilises an online proofing engine with visual annotations & comparison functions to review, approve and provide direct feedback in parallel to all stakeholders.

In addition, FLOW gathers data and keeps everyone on the same page by using pre-configured briefing forms to provide accurate information enabling ‘first-time-right’ delivery.

Briefings are custom-configured, so they match with the clients’ pre-defined terminology and requirements. Allowing companies to keep multiple stakeholders on the same page and further streamline and automate their production.

Is FLOW an out-of-the-box product or a tailor-made solution?

FLOW comes as a solid foundation that offers all functionalities to streamline and manage graphical workflows within an organization. However, since every company is different and has its organizational structure, each FLOW element can be modified, adapted or custom-built to work seamlessly with your current graphical workflow and its requirements.

Which technology does FLOW use?

FLOW is configured as a web-based solution and doesn’t operate on legacy software. It can be accessed with any internet browser and doesn’t require additional plugins. FLOW is 100% cloud-based and built on Microsoft Azure.

How does the demo process work?

After you’ve scheduled a demo, one of our representatives will personally contact you to discuss your requirements and set up a case-specific demo for your organisation. All demos are without any obligation and don’t come with any set-up costs.

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